Don’t Just Sit There, Give Yourself the Break You’ve Earned

It’s the first couple weeks in your new school year and you’re already feeling frazzled and behind – why does it always feel this way? Actually, it doesn’t have to. At El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA) East, a small, tuition-free public school, every day we give you ways to recharge, refresh and plenty of recess, no matter what grade you’re in. Even better? It’s not too late to join us.

Breaking Up (Is Never Easy I Know…But Necessary for Success)

At EPLA East, we know you work hard and push yourself to do your best. We also know that it’s absolutely critical that you make time for breaks throughout your day, just like in the professional world of water cooler chats, impromptu ping pong games, and yep, Intsa breaks. 

Our middle and high school is built to reflect a successful business model, one where co-working, sharing, and inspiring are all a part of the experience. Part of that experience is hard work (learning how to run your own business!) and audacious goals (freshman taking college classes anyone?). But as start-ups have shown us, part of a successful business model is making sure people are taking care of themselves by taking breaks and maybe, gasp, even having frivolous fun! They find that productivity rises when you allow for breaks and so they mix working, learning, and play and that’s what we do at EPLA East, every day.

Our school mission is to educate and empower students with tools essential to achieve self-actualization, academic potential, and success. Along with this, we believe your time is precious and school should not be a waste of time, that you are the engineer of making full use of your day. Finish a project and then go play, just like at Google. No micromanaging. 

Give Me a Break

Actually, give yourself a break. We want you to learn when you need to take a breath, take five, or maybe take time for a game of flag football outside. Autonomy and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are very important at our small, tuition-free school, as we want you advocating for yourself, building leadership skills, and beaming confidence. We know that healthy academics and social habits are built in middle and high school so our dedicated teachers and staff are here to model what success looks like while also offering gentle guidance.

What are some healthy break habits?

  • Practice for one of the sports teams you’re on, like softball, soccer, or basketball.
  • Chat with a friend… or a group of them in our airy, open common spaces.
  • Read a book or magazine.
  • Finish up an easy homework assignment that takes you fifteen minutes or less to complete.
  • Esports!
  • Start an essay outline, but just that…and make it fun with LOTS of doodles.
  • Play some music or get involved in our music production studio.

How Can We Break It Down

We take breaks so seriously that we begin our academic year with…if not an interruption to school work, a deliberate pause, to make sure we are intentional about setting our year up for easygoing success. And no, that’s not an oxymoron, just another example of the way EPLA East is outrageously changing school culture for the better.

Here are some ways we work breaks into our schedule throughout the year: 

  • Our “after school clubs” are actually held during school hours as a built-in break and way for all students to join in. To name a few options: Yearbook, Party-Planning, Robotics, National Junior Honors Society (NJHS), Dungeons & Dragons, or our Esports team.
  • Speaking of sports, we have teams you can join for a break from studies while still at school. Teams right now include Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball.
  • At our small public middle & high school, we believe in personalized learning, which naturally lends itself to breaks as you meet your daily objectives and demonstrate proficiency. 
  • As part of our CRSHH Program and House System, scholars organize assemblies featuring competitions that are academic, mental, AND physical. How high can you go in PI?  What about a spicy noodle challenge? And don’t forget the classic relays and push-up competitions, or how about a push-up relay? You just never know what kind of “break” you’re in for!
  • Field Trips! Think Pokémon Club on the go, area businesses, and local college visits to break up the year.

School just started but it’s not too late to take a break and learn more about EPLA East by calling us at (915) 298-3901 or fill out an application today and join our forward-thinking middle and high school. Enrolling now for 2022-2023!

About El Paso Leadership Academy East 

El Paso Leadership Academy East (EPLA East) is a small, tuition-free public charter school serving middle and high school students in El Paso Texas. We’re reimagining education from the ground up, starting with our intentionally designed building and continuing that with our scholars’ innovative and personalized education. We work with community partnerships in preparing our scholars to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century. We stress the importance of collaboration and accountability in all we do. Join our growing school, enroll today!