EPLA East High School uses a house system composed of animal symbolism. Every animal is a visual representation of CRSHH values learned in middle school and a symbol of Mexican culture.

The selection process of each House consists of students providing their top 3 choices, a personality test, and a teacher’s input during the first week. By the end of the second students are placed in a house and they may not change until the end of 9th grade.

By the beginning of 10th grade, students will have a permanent house where they will reside until 12th grade.

Throughout the year, every House will be competing against each other in a point system where every week, the House with the most points will take home the “ EPLA Totem”.

In addition,  as the Houses obtain points they will earn rewards. This will keep the competition going, and avoid any “giving-up” attitudes in the houses. Every week each house will award students with the “Top Point-Earning Student” and “The Most Diverse Student” awards weekly. 

At the end of the school year, one house will be proclaimed the winner and will earn a substantial prize for their entire house.

The Houses