Why Choose EPLA East

We’ve redesigned education at EPLA East, the tuition-free public middle and high school where we’re building future leaders, college graduates, entrepreneurs, and tomorrow’s game-changers!

Every single space in the stunning EPLA East school building was created to work with the curriculum and elevate our scholars to the next level of learning. We didn’t just create a revolutionary, project-based curriculum – we also built the spaces where scholars would experience that curriculum.

Our scholars work hard in their classes, and our teachers meet every student where they are and create a personalized educational experience for them. When scholars complete their work, they are free to choose what comes next – stay in the classroom and work on other coursework, meet with other scholars on the stair platform to discuss a project, head outside for fresh air, or stretch out on a couch and rest. Whatever they choose, the freedom and autonomy we give our students helps them grow both personally and academically, and prepare them for the world that awaits after high school.

We offer leadership & team opportunities – from the projects scholars tackle in their classes to the clubs and sports they join. Our entrepreneurship program walks scholars through the creation and management of a small business, and our sports teams help them develop skills and grow their talents. Our scholars work and play as a team.

In an increasingly chaotic world, we offer a solid connection and community. At EPLA East, we are family and we know our scholars and we check in every day. Parents have a single point of contact for their student any time they want to call. We have partners in the community who are eager to support us and help our scholars on their college and career journeys, and we support the El Paso community with regular service activities.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose EPLA East

  1. We give our scholars the best.
  2. Team work makes the dream work.
  3. We make it personal.
  4. We give our scholars a break.
  5. Leadership & character development.
  6. College & career prep.
  7. Close connections.
  8. Our teachers & staff.
  9. Community partnerships.
  10. Everyone is welcome & supported.
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