Connecting Through Creativity: Meet Mrs. Vance

Art Teacher Mrs. Vance at the front of the classroom

Dab on some paint, etch in capable leadership, and drizzle a little punk and who do you get? Mrs. Vance, El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA) East’s new Dean of Students and Culture (yes, she used to teach art for us too!) We asked this creative artist and leader about her role at EPLA East and she painted us a picture of her life right now. 

What do you love most about your role at EPLA East? What is the most challenging?

What I love most in my new role as Dean of Students and Culture is the Culture aspect. Students are really encouraged to be well rounded students on their own merit. We do it by following our core C.R.S.H.H. values both in middle school and in high school.  Friday’s have been a new elevated experience thanks to Mr. Delgado, our music teacher. We have been collaborating mini concerts showcasing our talented students. Not only that, the challenges we present to our students to work on collaboration, responsibility, smarts, humility, and hunger get our students excited to come to school. 

Discipline I believe is every schools’ biggest hurdle to persevere. Fortunately, I believe our restorative practice curriculum and our strong and positive EPLA culture will overcome it. I also love that EPLA East gives us the time and encouragement to connect with every student.

Being the Dean of Students and Culture allows me to wear many hats for the benefit of my students. Now, in this new role I will do plenty of community outreach to benefit both the students and the city including our neighboring city.  

In your opinion, what makes a great leader? How do you teach leadership?

A leader will lead by example and is willing to do anything to help the team. Leadership is not giving orders and expecting for a plan to magically happen. As a leader we need to learn patience, humility, consistency, and responsibility. As a leader, it is my responsibility for my team to know the standards and expectations of any job, little or small. The leader needs to demonstrate consistency in expectations and willing to accept fault when needed.

Tell us what you do for fun!

My leisure time is priceless. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones every Sunday for a cookout. Being a couch potato with my husband, our dogs, and our cat is always relaxing. Getting away to punk shows as if we were 18 again will always be nostalgic. That little introverted piece of me will always be in the art studio alone, just painting.

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