Meeting You Where You Are

3 EPLA East students posing in front of butterfly wall art

First of all, you’ve got this. Middle and high school can feel overwhelming and just when you feel like you’ve figured it out, something changes! No matter, because you have your own personal cheerleading team here at El Paso Leadership Academy (EPLA) East, serving 6th – 10th grades and growing. We’re here to encourage you on your academic, college, and career path, guiding you to your outrageously bright future.

Where Are You? Assessing Our Scholars

Here at EPLA East, we curate your education based on where you are right now. You might be way ahead of your current grade or need help catching up to this year’s literacy standards (something we champion!) or somewhere in between, and that is absolutely fine. Our small and engaged school gives you plenty of ideas of how to grow and learn in your own way.

While the state of Texas has STAAR testing for students, it only measures where you are now and where you need to be at the end of the year. At EPLA East, we want more for you so we use NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing which creates a personalized assessment experience giving us a more detailed account. 

Sure, knowing your level is a great start, but it doesn’t give the full picture. We also use iReady software, Mentoring Minds, which tells us specific gaps missing at each level in math and reading, helping us personalize your learning and tailor a clear path for your educational goals. 

How far can you go? Great question! At EPLA East, we dream big and our audacious goal is that every high school student is prepared for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment which indicates that you are ready for college. Not far enough? Take college credit on our campus while receiving college support from our teachers and staff. 

Meeting Your Future, Now

In high school we guide our students through the college discovery process, whether it’s figuring out what college is, where to go, how to apply, how to pay for it, or all of the above. We have a college advisory team working with you starting freshman year. 

While we put together a rigorous, comprehensive college prep education, we realize that not all of our scholars will choose a collegiate path. Our Entrepreneurship Program is a four-year-long curriculum where you learn leadership and business fundamentals by running your own company. And who knows, maybe you’ll run a successful business WHILE going to college. That’s the type of bold mindset we love at EPLA East!

Supporting Your Success – It’s the EPLA East Way!

Here at our tuition-free El Paso middle and high school, we connect every day during our “power hour” where we can review assignments, revise goals, or have more practice on tricky concepts. In middle school, we have an entire advisory team checking in with you at least every three weeks and analyzing your academic growth. In high school, growth is measured through our interactive Housing System. It might just seem like fun and games (why not?) as you and your house compete in educational, physical, and silly challenges, but we’re serious about your education. 

At our innovative public school, our students lead recurring parent-teacher conferences. We want you to be as connected as possible to where you are now – and where you want to be. Teachers are right there at your side, explaining any fuzzy details and helping you along.  

Wherever you are academically (and emotionally!) EPLA East is here for you. Our small close-knit high school makes big, vibrant futures, meeting you right here. Learn more about how our tuition-free public school serving 6th – 10th grades, can support you! Call us at (915) 298-3901 or fill out an application today and join our forward-thinking middle and high school. Still enrolling for 2022-2023!

About El Paso Leadership Academy East 

El Paso Leadership Academy East (EPLA East) is a small, tuition-free public charter school serving middle and high school students in El Paso Texas. We’re reimagining education from the ground up, starting with our intentionally designed building and continuing that with our scholars’ innovative and personalized education. We work with community partnerships in preparing our scholars to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century. We stress the importance of collaboration and accountability in all we do. Join our growing school, enroll today!